July 28, 2010

Travel Slow And Like A Local

There has been a shift in the mind-set of travellers globally with current travel trends showing that slow travel, as it has been termed, is becoming more and more popular. Travel trends show that rather than focusing on multiple destination experiences, travellers prefer to fully explore a destination at their own pace, immersing themselves in the local life and culture.
An article on the South African tourism website, entitled “Slow Travel Gains Favour” describes how the stress of modern travel has meant that more and more travellers are wishing to travel slowly, experiencing the destination as a local would.
Slow travel certainly doesn’t imply a holiday that’s slow-paced and unexciting. It’s about getting the feel of a place, and wanting to experience an area rather than just visit it. These trips often focus on less familiar destinations and off-the-beaten-track experiences and offer frequent opportunities to interact with the local communities.
So next time you’re planning your holiday, take care not to jam pack the itinerary full of activities. Take your time, travel as much like a local as possible and chances are you will leave with more enjoyable and rewarding memories than you thought possible.


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