August 19, 2010

Are Travel Brochures Still Relevant?

"Are Travel Brochures Still Relevant?" - was the title of an article by that excellent travel information portal This is really a significant question and one we constantly challenge.

The author of the article offers a personal opinion, saying that "…In fact, brochures are the only marketing technique in recent years that has sold me on booking some of my travels through external sources". Since we are still producing printed brochures we are heartened by the opinion above.

Clearly with the availability of information readily available out there via digital sources, for free, the cost factor is the only real detractor - it is much cheaper to distribute information digitally than in print.

The main question for us is: Is the format of a typical travel brochure still hitting the spot? Should it be glossier with more images or should there be more information to read about a destination/package?

What do you think?


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