November 11, 2010

Traditional Travel Agents Gaining Market Share

A recent article on Bloomberg highlighted an increase in the amount of consumers turning to traditional travel agents instead of using solely web-based operators. This trend is becoming more common in a highly unpredictable year that has seen everything from airplane strikes to volcanic ash clouds impacting on travel arrangements.

In the article Thomas Cook Group Plc CEO Manny Fontenla-Novoa said that traditional travel agents are regaining market share from web-based operators in some markets, as a result of consumers becoming more cautious.

“People are much more cautious about how they spend their money,” said Fontenla-Novoa. Consumers are “more confident of making the right decision if they go to the high street,” he said, referring to agents operating in the UK’s city centres.

“The flight towards trusted brands is marked and has been building and building over the past years,” Fontenla-Novoa said.


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