June 14, 2012

Next stop... space!

I have travelled to the grand old USA, marvelled at the Kennedy Space Centre, sat in the old space shuttle shells and done the wonderful Cape Canaveral tour. I still have my little NASA Astronaut on my desk! But I never thought that space travel would be a possibility in my lifetime. I don’t mean NASA space travel, I mean me as an average person, leisure holiday space travel. Well believe it or not, it is a reality thanks to Richard Branson’s total belief in the unbelievable, and his ultimate entrepreneurial spirit.

Virgin Galactic commercial space travel is here. Well not exactly ready to fly as yet, but initial flights and several test phases have been completed and final passenger testing is currently happening. Within the next 3-5 years the actual passenger flights will launch. And airline tickets are on sale now for these journeys. So far only two South Africans have bought tickets, so why not be the next South African to buy your Virgin Galactic space ticket? Sure Travel are Accredited Space Agents and are authorised to sell Virgin Galactic space travel.  I am definitely saving up for this ticket!

Facts regarding the flights:
  • The total flight time is up to 90 minutes from departure to return and passengers will experience up to 4 minutes of weightlessness.
  • The peak altitude is 100km/68mi.  The widely accepted space border is 100km/62mi.
  • SpaceShipTwo carries 6 passengers and 2 pilots.
  • Commercial operations will commence when the test flight program is complete, all necessary licences and approvals have been obtained and the system is as safe as possible.
  • 45 minute climb to 50,000ft
  • In less than 10 seconds SpaceShipTwo (SS2) is supersonic and in less than a minute is travelling vertically out of the atmosphere at just under Mach 4.


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