August 31, 2012

Tales from a Traveller: Pompeii

A partially buried Roman town from AD79, hidden for nearly 1700 years under ash and pumice from a volcanic eruption – it’s no wonder that Pompeii is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

August 29, 2012

Clarification on UK transit visas for South Africans

In an effort to clarify the confusion surrounding the issue of transit visas for South African passport holders when transiting the UK, the UK Border Agency has issued a document to confirm exactly when you need a transit visa.

August 21, 2012

Travel Inspiration Photos: Summer in Italy

Imagine an idyllic summer in Italy. Think gelato, scenic country lanes, sparkling turquoise sea, bright coloured umbrellas, splashing in city fountains, tourists basking on warm stone steps and scented lemon groves...

August 17, 2012

Tales from a traveller: La Dolce Vita in Rome, Italy

Italy is one of these destinations that never fails to delight, inspire and entrance all who meet her, and all who dream about meeting her one day. Our traveller abroad, Mia, takes us along for the ride as she journeys through Italy, beginning in The Eternal City…

August 9, 2012

Celebrating Women’s Day

Today we celebrated National Women’s Day, a day to commemorate the 20,000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on the 9th August 1956. Protesting against proposed amendments to pass laws that would restrict their movement even further, these women became a symbol of the strength and courage of women everywhere.

August 7, 2012

Travel Tips for any Traveller

Not only did we learn so much about travel blogging at the Getaway Travel Blog Conference over the weekend (read our post on how to improve your travel blog here), but we also picked up some useful tips for travellers to make their travel experiences even more awesome. 

How to Improve your Travel Blog

Sure Travel had the pleasure of attending the second Getaway Travel Blog Conference this past Saturday, held in conjunction with Cape Town Tourism, at the Upper Eastside Hotel in Woodstock. And, wow, what a conference it was! Informative, fun, educational, helpful, entertaining and inspiring, the venue was crammed with creative, innovative people crazy about travel blogging.

August 3, 2012

SAA Changes to New Baggage Policy

From 5 September 2012, SAA will restrict the number of pieces of baggage a passenger may check in, rather than the total weight of the passenger's checked baggage. Each of these pieces will be subject to weight and size restrictions, depending on the route and class of travel.