August 17, 2012

Tales from a traveller: La Dolce Vita in Rome, Italy

Italy is one of these destinations that never fails to delight, inspire and entrance all who meet her, and all who dream about meeting her one day. Our traveller abroad, Mia, takes us along for the ride as she journeys through Italy, beginning in The Eternal City…
Viva Roma!

While the age-old adage says that ‘Rome wasn’t conquered in a day’, the Ciao Roma hop-on, hop-off bus certainly allows you to do so. For around €20, you get a ticket valid for 24hr, which takes you to all the major tourist attractions and must-sees, allowing you to hop-on and off as you will. It’s a great way of seeing the whole city if you have very limited time as I did.

Beginning with the toll of the bells at the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, we made our way in a clockwise route around the city, taking in all the major sights, starting with the Ancient Centre, which includes The Capitol, the southern summit of the  Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome and the symbolic centre of the Roman world; Palatine Hill, where Romulus is said to have founded Rome in the 8th Century BC; the Forum, once the focus of political, social, legal and commercial life in Rome and the Colosseum, the centre of entertainment for all Romans.

After a welcome pit-stop for the obligatory cappuccino, which is only drunk in the morning by locals, while caffe (espresso as we know it) is drunk throughout the day, we continued our journey through the streets of this sprawling city to The Vatican.

Next on Mia’s travels: Florence, Tuscany and then on to Naples. Blog posts coming next week!

Born a free spirit with a passion for adventure, Mia has travelled all over the world from Croatia to the Caribbean, documenting her experiences along the way. From freediving with sea lion pups to sailing the Aegan Sea, she is always looking for the next adventure.
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