September 28, 2012

Super pod of dolphins off the coast of South Africa

We just had to share this! Photographer Chase Jarvis and explorer Mike Horn encountered a rare "super-pod" of thousands of dolphins about an hour’s sail south of Cape Town in August 2012, took their cameras out and filmed it.

Dolphins are known to form temporary groups or "pods", typically consisting of 2-15 animals, while hunting or defending themselves and their pod. In areas of high food availability (and enough space), such "normal" pods can temporarily join together to form a so-called "super-pod", with a size exceeding 1,000 dolphins.

Have you ever seen so many beautiful creatures? Amazing!

September 20, 2012

How to make the perfect Italian Margherita pizza

What’s for dinner? How about a delicious classic Margherita pizza?After reading about Mia’s travels in Naples, the birthplace of Margherita pizza (Read the post here), we found the perfect Margherita pizza recipe to share with you.

September 17, 2012

Tales from a Traveller: Naples - The land of Margherita pizza

My first stop on a week long journey through the land of Fiat and fettuccine was Naples, a chaotic yet spectacular city which sprawls noisily around the Bay of Naples on the Mediterranean coast. Once dominating the Mezzogiorno (the land of the midday sun) as southern Italy is so fondly known, Naples’ history is of a dirty, port city with seedy undercurrents fuelled by high unemployment, poverty and crime. Despite this reputation, I found Naples to be a wonderful city - full of vibrant colour and life and absolutely delicious food.