October 31, 2012

Fun, Quirky, Interesting Travel Trivia.....

Just for FUN!
  • Las Vegas has the most hotel rooms in the world


October 29, 2012

5 Packing tips for your holiday

Is packing light a foreign concept to you? Or are you a super organised traveller who jets around the world with only carry-on luggage? Whichever type you are, here are 5 quick and easy packing tips to save space in that suitcase. Got any clever packing tips? Share them with us.

October 22, 2012

Follow the Sun – perfect beach getaways

There is just something about a typical beach or island that makes for a perfect holiday. Soft white sand, swaying palm trees and warm turquoise waters spell out luxury, relaxation and tranquillity in any language. A while ago, we featured some idyllic beach and island getaways (read that blog post here) only 4 hours flying time from Johannesburg. This time we headed a bit further away on the globe to find those perfect beach getaways…

October 12, 2012

Top 10 Baths with a View in South Africa

There is just something about a resort or hotel bathroom with a huge, comfortable bathtub and breathtaking view that spells out luxury. We went and found 10 luxury baths in South Africa, with views to die for, that we can just imagine ourselves blissfully soaking away the hours in…

October 9, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Montagu, a local gem

After one very hectic week, I decided I needed a break. I closed my eyes and my finger landed on Montagu on the map.  I had not been there in years so it sounded like an excellent idea. But where? I didn’t want to be surrounded by 100 people jumping into the hot pools… when I found this place, Montagu Guano Cave Resort.

October 2, 2012

Rest & Relaxation Weekend Getaway, Local Style

In search of that desperately needed R&R break from the hectic, stressful, fast paced lifestyles we lead, without having the time and budget for an international trip? Then why not take a local trip? Somewhere far enough away to feel like a holiday, but not too far to drive, reasonable time and cost wise and somewhere to preferably get away from it all - completely off the GRID. No 3G, no cellphone reception, no electricity, but still comfortable.