October 29, 2012

5 Packing tips for your holiday

Is packing light a foreign concept to you? Or are you a super organised traveller who jets around the world with only carry-on luggage? Whichever type you are, here are 5 quick and easy packing tips to save space in that suitcase. Got any clever packing tips? Share them with us.

1: Wash clothes along the way
Hotels often offer a laundry service and most big cities have Laundromats if they don’t. If it’s just a few items you need to wash, your hotel sink will work just fine. Pack a little bottle of washing power with you in your suitcase and you can even take along a small detachable washing line (available at some outdoors/camping/travel shops  such as Cape Union Mart). 
Expert traveller tip: Dental floss is strong enough to be used as a mini washing line in your hotel room!

2: Pack only what you need
How many of us have worn everything we packed in our suitcase when on holiday? If you’re packing correctly, the answer will be everything. If you’re over packing, chances are that you are bringing home half of your 30 kilogram luggage unworn. One easy way to pack lightly is to make a list – Write down each day you are away & choose complete outfits for each day or occasion. Then only pack the items that you have on your list.

3: Lose the extra pair of shoes
Shoes are weirdly shaped, heavy and not easy to wedge into a suitcase. Pack only the shoes you need for each day’s outfit and mix and match - ladies, you really do not need that tenth emergency pair of shoes!

4: Wear your bulky items on the plane
This is a popular one but please take note, we are not suggesting that you wear so many layers that you resemble a Yeti. What we are suggesting is that instead of packing that bulky coat or pair of boots in your suitcase, wear them on the plane. Since more often than not, the temperature in the plane will be freezing cold, that bulky coat will come in handy. But the temperatures in planes are also known to change at the drop of a hat, so it’s a good idea to dress in layers.

5: Weigh your bag before you get to the airport
Don’t get caught out at the airport. Make sure to weigh your bag and check the luggage requirements with the specific airline long before you travel. Some airlines base the luggage you are allowed by weight but most will often only allow one bag of a certain size and weight.


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