November 23, 2012

Protea Hotels’s Fire & Ice legendary milkshakes

It’s not every day that you find something cool that lives up to its legendary reputation. But at Protea’s Fire & Ice! Hotels you will find that those hip reputations are well deserved. And their award-winning milkshakes… well, let’s just say that they sweeten a very cool deal even more!

If you have a sweet tooth or are simply looking for a trendy spot to visit this weekend, then you want to swing past Protea Hotels Fire & Ice! milkshake bars in Cape Town or Melrose Arch in Joburg. The Fire & Ice! bars have grown into one of Cape Town and Jozi’s hip and happening spots and their milkshakes have become a legend in their own right. 

The hotel has two ranges of milkshakes – the “nice” ones that are non-alcoholic, and the “naughty” ones that include, among others, the Caramel Dare (with caramel vodka), Patronage (with a shot of Patron) and Elephant’s Trunk (with Amarula). 

The “nice” non-alcoholic shakes include the Big Blue (blueberries and cream), Aero Attack (with Aero chocolate), Peanut Nutter (with peanuts and banana butter), Berry Buzz (Strawberries & cream), Black & White (Oreo cookies), Belly dancer (Turkish Delight), Lindt-O-Licious (Lindt chocolate) and much more. 

So go on, indulge that sweet tooth… milkshakes have never been this cool!

View the Protea Hotels Fire & Ice! milkshake menu by visiting their website here


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