February 28, 2013

Man visits 201 countries without using a plane

This is just incredible! Graham Hughes, from Liverpool England, has set the Guinness World Record™ for 'The Most Countries Visited in One Year by Scheduled Ground Transport' and in November 2012, became the first person to visit all 201 sovereign nations of the world without flying. 

The rules of the journey, entitled The Odyssey Expedition, were that he cannot fly or drive and must use scheduled ground transport and step foot on dry land.

A staggering 201 international borders were crossed by foot, bus, taxi, train, ship or canoe. No planes, no helicopters and no hot-air balloons. 

Just a few highlights from his journey entailed joining a Bwiti tribe in Gabon, crossing the open ocean in a leaky wooden boat to reach Cape Verde, being imprisoned for a week in the Congo, being arrested whilst attempting to sneak into Russia and eating live octopus in South Korea. 

His adventures have been turned into a tv show 'GRAHAM'S WORLD' on the National Geographic Adventure channel, a Hollywood adaptation is in the pipeline and he is currently working on an upcoming book, tentatively titled 'MAN OF THE WORLD'. 

A map of his journey is pictured above. Read all about his incredible adventures on the website The Odyssey Expedition.


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