March 25, 2013

Traveller Tales: Photo Guide through Prague

Take a visual walk through Prague: a city of cobbled streets and Gothic architecture, where beer is often cheaper than water …

Tarryn visited Prague in October last year as part of her Contiki journey from Berlin to Budapest (See Tarryn’s photographs of Berlin here). This is what Tarryn had to say about Prague…

 A John Lennon Wall in Prague may seem rather odd especially when you take into account that the man never visited the city, but the wall exists and has a long history of being a memorial and a monument to free speech. In the 1980s the youth of Prague began to fill the wall with Lennon inspired graffiti and lyrics from Beatles songs, and despite numerous attempts by the Communist government to keep the wall clean, the graffiti keep returning. 

Bursting with activity and a prime meeting spot, the Old Town Square is one of the most visited sites in Prague. Dominated by the monument of Jan Hus, who was an important Czech reformer and nationalist, the square is a collage of architectural styles like Gothic, Cubist and Baroque.

The Old Town City Hall can be found on the Square. It is here that civil ceremonies are still held and there is a 'wedding only' exit from the building. 

The Astronomical Clock is also housed in the Town Hall Tower which you can climb to get views over the square. 

When I visited Prague castle we had our own local guide, Shaka, who was great. She made the history of Prague really come alive. If you look closely at the photo, you will see a tower in the background which kind of looks like the Eiffel Tower. This is the Petrin Lookout Tower which was built in 1891 as an observation and transmission tower. You can access the tower either by doing the roughly half hour walk up the paths which can be rather slippery in wet weather or you can jump on the Petrin funicular railway which services the tower. 

Parts of Prague will remind you of Venice as it has canals that run through the city. On the bridges that cross these canals you will find padlocks, and lots of them. These are love locks attached by couples to symbolise their everlasting love.  

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All photographs copyright Tarryn Liddell. 

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