June 21, 2013

Why we love Turkey

There are just so many reasons why we love Turkey. If you've visited this fascinatingly diverse country you will know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t given Turkey (the country, not the animal!) much thought before, then we’re hoping that we can change that. Here are just five reasons why we love Turkey…

It’s diverse
For a country that is located on two continents, literally at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it is little wonder that Turkey is so incredibly diverse. An enticing mix of different cultures, histories, landscapes, old and new, ancient and modern, city and rural coastline - the country will truly delight history, nature, adventure, beach, culture and shopping lovers.

The rich history
To say Turkey has an epic history is almost an understatement. The country's history has been illustrated with Ottoman sultans and harems, Byzantine Christians and cave churches in Cappadocia, Romans such as Julius Caesar and mysterious Lycians who left mysterious ruins on Mediterranean beaches. A treasure trove for history buffs!

The natural scenery
Setting aside the buzzing cities and quaint rural towns, Turkey has some incredible natural scenery – from the warm waters of the Turquoise Coast to the strange rock-formations of Cappadocia, the photographs speak for themselves.  

The cuisine
Due to its transcontinental location and rich history, there is no one dominant element in Turkish cuisine. While you can expect the stereotypical exotic spices, bazaars, Turkish delights, eggplant, yoghurt, pomegranates and water pipes, you will also find your mouth watering trying to choose between seafood dishes, kebabs, roast meat, syrupy baklava, simit (circular bread encrusted with sesame seeds), dolma (a stuffed item such as vine leaves stuffed with rice) and Mediterranean meze. 

Free visas for South Africans
Need we say more? Visas are required by SA passport holders but are free. Apply for your Turkish e-visa online here - quick and easy! 
Please note: Info correct as of August 2015 and is subject to change. Please contact the Turkish embassy for up-to-date visa information.

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Stunning country, Beautiful city, Outstanding food, Facinating culture,Shopping delight but most important are the incredible people their kindness and friendliness makes it a truly wonderful country to visit. I should know I've been four times and can't wait for the fifth. Thanks for a great article.

I am a fan of Turkey, delicious food, warm people, historical ethnicity, best beachs ever saw in aegean side, and all started from Turkish airlines hospitality from the departure. defineatly advise to visit and fly to Turket.

Hi, we are going to Turkey in June, I am not sure if it is best to buy Turkish Lira here in SA or what is the best way to manage currency?

Please help.

Hi Anonymous, although you can buy your Turkish Lira here in SA we would suggest you consider buying Euros or US Dollars here in SA and then change those into Lira when you're in Turkey. It's very easy to do that over there. Lira isn't an easily exchangeable currency here in SA hence the recommendation. Hope this helps!

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