July 15, 2013

Mobile Apps for Business Travellers

Are you a business traveller and constantly looking for new apps to make your business travel and life easier? Sure Travel’s Group Solutions Optimisation Manager, Abigail Pires, shares her favourite mobile apps, as featured on the Amadeus blog.

“I am passionate about technology and especially mobile technology, as it has improved the lives of business travellers such as myself. The ability to travel with an iPad instead of a bulky laptop is just one of the obvious benefits. However, there are a few mobile apps that I think every business traveller should have on their mobile devices.

The start of my trip is always eased by the use of the Check-My Trip App. I type in my Amadeus reference number, and voila all my flights and ticket details are on my phone. Thus I can avoid cutting down all the trees and carrying that paper around.

When I get into the car to navigate my way to an appointment I use my fun app Waze. Waze is awesome as it supplies navigational information to your destination, but it also supplies route information such as traffic cameras, accident reports, hazards, weather conditions and so on. It is also Bluetooth compatible, so all warnings and directions are done via the car radio - it is completely hands free. It will even calculate you a new route if there is bad traffic. You can also see when all your friends are online and beep them.

Once I’ve navigated my way to the office or a meeting, I turn to my latest App that I absolutely love and use extensively. The App is called Less Meeting. You can set this up on your office based PC, and link it onto your iPhone or iPad. It synchronises with your calendar so when you log in, your latest meetings are loaded. You click on the meeting, add the agenda, attendees and away you go. Notes are added to agenda items as well as tasks assigned to various members at the meeting.

Once the meeting is concluded you can email the minutes to all participants. Daily reminders via email are also sent out, thereby eliminating the need to type all the minutes out on your return to the office, plus it won’t let you forget those all-important action points. One licence fee gives you 10 user licences so it is really worth the investment.

What are your favourite mobile Apps?”

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Abigail absolutely loves to travel and is extremely passionate about the travel industry as well as technology. She loves all things digital and is a definite gadget girl! There is only one continent that she hasn’t been to yet, but her travel list is still very long! Her favourite destinations so far are Croatia, Italy, Portugal, the Azores and the USA (nothing beats the rides at Universal!).


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