October 23, 2013

National animals and flowers: fun country facts

What do a leek, lion and thistle have in common? They are each a country’s national flower or animal, either official or unofficial. Here are some more from around the world…

The national animals of the UK are the Lion and Bulldog (perhaps a little surprising considering lions don’t even live there. What do you think?) Perhaps more surprisingly is the number of countries laying claim to the lion: Belgium, Armenia, Bulgaria, Liberia, Luxembourg, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia all have “adopted” the lion as a symbol of their country.

England’s national flower is the Tudor Rose.
Scotland is represented by the thistle and the (legendary?) unicorn.
Wales' national flower is the Leek and Daffodil and the national animal is the Red Dragon.
Afghanistan's unofficial animal is the Marco Polo sheep and snow leopard.
Not surprisingly, Australia's national animal is the Kangaroo and their bird the Emu.
The national bird of the Bahamas is the Flamingo while the Alpaca is the furry and cute national animal of Bolivia.
Finland loves the Brown Bear while Greenland's is the Polar Bear.
The national bird of India is the Indian Peacock (very appropriate, we think, for India’s gorgeous kaleidoscope of bright colours) and the Ring Tailed Lemur (made famous in the Madagascar movies) is, as you probably guessed, Madagascar’s.

And last but not least we hope you all know where the Springbok, Blue Crane and Galjoen belong?
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