November 20, 2013

Sure Travel recycles e-waste properly

Do you know that it’s important that you dispose of your electronics properly? Sure Travel Head Office recently used the services of Virgin Earth, a Cape Town company specialising in e-waste recycling.

In South Africa, many people do not realise the importance of properly disposing of items that used to run on electricity or batteries, and often just throw them away. What can then happen is that the items are sometimes stripped of valuable components in a very informal manner or are simply dumped in landfills. Electronic devices often contain toxic compounds which then pollute the surrounding land and water and harm the communities living nearby.

Virgin Earth collects electronic waste only (computers and their components, network equipment, cabling, electric and electronic machinery, batteries, etc) from businesses in the Cape Town and surrounding areas. They evaluate and test the items and wherever possible try to re-purpose rather than destroy. All working equipment and items are donated to charities and special projects. If it cannot be re-purposed the items are then recycled safely.

Do you make the effort to safely dispose of electronic items?

How to safely dispose of electronics?
Wherever possible, donate - your junk is someone else's treasure. Alternatively, contact a local e-waste recycling specialist - they will be able to recycle the usable components and dispose of items that cannot be used in a safe manner. 

Businesses: Virgin Earth in Cape Town will collect your items free of charge.
Household: Contact Clearer Conscience in Cape Town.
For e-waste recyclers in other parts of South Africa and more information, contact EWASA – the e-Waste Association of South Africa.


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