April 24, 2014

Top 10 places to enjoy chocolate in the world

Top 10 places to enjoy chocolate in the world

For chocoholics the world over, travelling somewhere new and getting to sample the unique chocolate flavours is a real treat. From the biggest and best to the sweetest, these are some of the finest chocolate experiences you can sample from around the globe…

Home to the praline and more than 2,130 chocolate shops, this tiny country has a big fine chocolate reputation. The primary chocolate centre is the capital, Brussels, and to a lesser degree, Bruges. Must-visits in Brussels are the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate and Mary (this chocolatier has held a Royal Warrant since 1942 and if it’s got the royal stamp of approval, we approve too!)

Famed for creating milk chocolate and the chocolate fondue, Switzerland is home to world-class chocolatiers. Some of Zurich's chocolate shops have such chic and spectacular window displays they could be mistaken for art galleries.

Must-do: The Swiss Chocolate Train. This scenic train trip goes from Montreux on the Swiss Riviera to Broc, and tours the Nestle/Cailler chocolate factory.

Swiss Chocolate Train

Scenery from the Swiss Chocolate Train

Paris hosts the world’s largest consumer chocolate show, Salon du Chocolat, and the World Chocolate Masters Championships, cementing their reputation as a chocolate connoisseur city.

Taste a chocolate macaroon at Les Marquis de Ladurée, sample something at La Chocolaterie de Jacques Genin and Patrick Roger and do a chocolate walking tour while taking in the sights of the city.

The birthplace of chocolate! Drink hot chocolate Mayan style: thick, foamy, bittersweet, and flavoured with chili peppers. The Spanish conquistadors tempered the bitter brew with sugar, cinnamon, ground almonds, and milk. Try it both ways at a traditional chocolate factory.

New York City
Try Magnolia Bakery - this cozy little 1950s-style bakery shot to fame when the Sex and the City characters stopped by for a cupcake-fuelled sugar rush in one episode. And don’t leave without visiting the Max Brenner chocolate bar where you can taste everything from chocolate martinis to chocolate pizza.

Orlando, USA
Like much in the states (and Orlando), everything is larger than life. The World of Chocolate Museum and Café in Orlando is not fine chocolate, but there is a lot of it!

Vienna is home to the Sachertorte, reputedly the best chocolate cake in the world. A chocolate sponge cake, thinly coated by hand with apricot jam and then covered with dark chocolate icing, the dessert was named in 1832 after its inventor, Franz Sacher. See whether it lives up to its reputation at the Vienna’s elite Hotel Sacher: try it with unsweetened whipped cream and coffee or champagne.

Sachertorte at Hotel Sacher in Vienna

Perugia, Italy
Perugina House of Chocolate in Perugia is home to one of Italy’s most famous chocolatiers. Don’t leave without samping the famous Perugina Baci (kisses) - dark chocolate surrounding chocolate hazelnut cream.

Chocolate may not be your first thought when visiting Japan, but a trip to Royce' Chocolate is an absolute must. Hokkaido’s best-kept secret is secret no longer, with Royce’ chocolate shops opening in prestigious locations all over the world. Try their chocolate coated potato chips in chocolate, caramel, white chocolate or mild bitter.

Royce Chocolates in Japan

Visiting the Republica del Cacao should be on every chocoholic's bucket list! The Republica del Cacao is an Ecuadorian chocolate firm founded in 2004. It arose out of an effort to preserve the indigenous Arriba cacao plants grown predominantly on family farms in the Manabí, Los Ríos and El Oro regions of Ecuador. Their claim to fame is their single-origin dark chocolate bar, made with nothing but cacao, sugar and cocoa butter.


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