June 24, 2014

7 Reasons to visit Brazil

With the eyes of the world on the soccer world cup in Brazil, one could be forgiven for thinking that the country is just for soccer fans. The truth is that Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, has so much more to offer. Here are just seven reasons why you should visit (and not just during the World Cup either)…

(1) The beaches
Powdery white sand beaches filled with the lithe and tanned locals playing football, volleyball, surfing or sunbathing. From city beaches to quieter ones off the beaten track, you will find the perfect beach for you. Don't forget your Havaianas!

(2) Caipirinhas
Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or at the bar, nothing tastes more like Brazil than a Caipirinha, their strong (unofficial) national cocktail. It's made with sugar cane hard liquor, sugar and lime. Global variations of the Caipirinha were created in celebration of the soccer World Cup by replacing the sugar with a liqueur or ingredient from each nation's home country.

(3) The landscapes and biodiversity
Considering the varied landscapes – from beaches to waterfalls and the famous Amazon rain forest – it’s little wonder that the country boasts the greatest collection of plant and animal species found anywhere on earth. There are over 70 national parks to choose from and you will see more exotic birds and mammals than you can possibly imagine.

(4) The rhythm
Music fills the streets of Brazil. From the samba, drumbeats of Salvador and reggae to the Carimbo, Maracatu and Forro, music, song and dance can be enjoyed everywhere from the streets to the dance clubs.

(5) The carnivals
Although you may not want to visit during festival time (it’s much more expensive and crowded), the carefree joie de vivre that enchants visitors during festival time is present in everyday life in this fun-loving nation. But if you do happen to be there during carnival time, you’re guaranteed the time of your life. The most famous celebrations are seeing in the New Year on Copacabana beach and Rio's Carnaval.

(6) The colours
Everything seems to be brighter and bolder in Brazil. From the architecture to the food, color is everywhere. 

(7) These views
Need we say more?

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