June 17, 2014

Meet Trish from Sure Giltedge Travel

Did you know there are almost 90 Sure Travel agencies across South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho? To help you get to know them a bit better, each week we are going to feature a Q&A interview with one of the friendly faces you could meet at your local Sure Travel agency.

This week, let us introduce you to… Trish Maritz, General Manager of Sure Giltedge Travel. Sure Giltedge Travel has offices in Paarl, Tokai and Century City, Western Cape.

Tell us a little about yourself? I’m a world traveller at heart! I love people, socialising, attending festivals, reading, running and long walks on deserted beaches. I also have OCD and am a total perfectionist – I level everything in my house every Wednesday!

How long have you been in the travel industry? 12 Years.

How did you come to be working in travel? I went overseas after studying at the University of Stellenbosch, and just couldn't stop!

What do you love most about your job? My team and the knowledge that we all have a function and that we can’t operate as a strong business, if we don’t all do our best! And we do!

Your favourite “hidden gems” in the Western Cape? Deluxe Coffeeworks in Cape Town, Schoon De Companje in Stellenbosch, George Jardine’s Jordan Restaurant at Jordan Wine Estate, the Root 44 Market on the R44, Haas in Bo-Kaap for Kopi Luwak, Myatt at the V&A Waterfront for macaroons, the list just goes on and on!

What would you suggest a tourist does in your area? Ditch the Lonely Planet and go by foot! And definitely climb up Lion’s Head at full moon.

First time you ever travelled abroad? I went to London all by myself, first time ever overseas, when I left to go and work/travel for 2 years. It was daunting! I remember walking across the tarmac thinking – what am I doing? How am I going to do this?

Your favourite destination? Morocco, India, Madagascar, Borneo, Vietnam, Cambodia. You said one, right? Oops!






If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Russia. The only reason I’m not saying South America, is because of the next answer…

The next place on your travel bucket list? South America – Peru & Brazil, more specifically. I’m going for 5 weeks in September 2014!

Most treasured travel memory? Standing in front of the Taj Mahal. And walking on the Great Wall of China. Thinking it couldn’t be me doing the things I’ve always only seen on the TV and in travel magazines & guide-books.

Funniest travel experience? Ordering lunch in a (very dodgy) sidewalk restaurant in Egypt. The stew was eloquently described as “Meat stew”. So I enquired about the type of meat – the waiter responded with a puzzled expression and these words: “What meat? MEAT MEAT.” I ordered and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Best travel tip you have ever received? Take half the amount of clothes, and twice the amount of money.

What advice would you give to someone travelling? RESPECT the culture. Honour the traditions. Embrace the differences. Enjoy the challenges. Try everything that’s new and foreign to you!

Something most people don’t know about you? I am a very good shot. Elaborating on this topic usually scares most people out of wanting to work for/with me so I won’t – but I could definitely earn a living from it if I had to!

Tell us about Sure Giltedge Travel? Sure Giltedge Travel is a very special business with a large variety of divisions and people. We are truly a one-stop shop in terms of any client requirements and we offer an extremely hands-on, personalised service as we go the extra mile on every request, however standard or peculiar it may seem. Our MD & FD are very involved in managing the business and that makes it feel even more like being part of a family instead of being at work. We respect each other; we work with our differences and our strengths to deliver a total solution to clients – whether it be MICE, Golf & Sport, leisure/VIP leisure, corporate or inbound travel.

Why should a client visit Sure Giltedge Travel? We offer the best service and always go the extra mile. We get to know our clients personally to provide them with what is really best for them. We don’t provide “blanket” solutions.

How can a client contact you? Email us at info@suregiltedge.com or call one of our offices:
Sure Giltedge Travel Paarl - 021 863 4115
Sure Giltedge Travel Tokai - 021 713 0296
Sure Giltedge Travel Century City - 021 552 9097

For addresses and other contact details, visit the Sure Travel website here.


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