July 18, 2014

Mandela Day 67 minutes: The Haven Night Shelter

This Mandela Day, we chose to dedicate our time and resources to helping an organisation close to our hearts at Sure Travel Head Office – The Haven Night Shelter in District 6.

Many staff often see people on the streets in Cape Town’s CBD asking for money to get into the night shelters. We were originally thinking of making sandwiches and soup but the shelter advised that as they were already expecting sandwiches, what would be most helpful was non-perishable food items. We thus spent our time sorting, collecting and delivering food as well as blankets, toiletries and clothing and also meeting the shelter staff and some of the residents.

Nazley Rogers, Supervisor & Skills Trainer at the shelter, kindly gave us a tour and explained how they work. The Haven Night Shelters are registered as public benefit organisations and provide temporary shelter, physical care, social welfare and family re-unification services to adult homeless people in the Western Cape.

The District 6 shelter can accommodate a maximum of 110 people and has 10 staff members. They cook 3 meals a day on just one stove. A person needs R10 to receive a The Haven coupon or “passport” that gives them access to a bed (if available), food, a shower, medical attention and counselling and training. The shelter offers all those that are unemployed a 2 hour job (cleaning, cooking, etc.) as a means to contribute towards their nightly stay.


Thank you to Nazley, Deon and all the staff who kindly took the time to meet with us – a special thank you to these individuals who put so much of themselves into a job that is so physically, emotionally and mentally stressful, to help those in need.

First photo (from left to right): Deon Arendse (Fieldworker), Shoneeze Lottering, Charne Swanepoel and Sipho Williams (from Sure Travel Head Office) and Nazley Rogers (Supervisor/Skills Trainer).
Other photos: The female dorm rooms at The Haven District 6 Night Shelter.

How can you help?
The Haven Night Shelter in District 6 has advised that they specifically need a large pot for cooking. In addition, non-perishable foods, toiletries, cleaning detergents, adult clothing, bedding and towels are always welcome.

You can also help by volunteering, making a monetary donation or purchasing The Haven “passports” for R10 each to give to those who need. These passports are accepted at any The Haven shelters and can be purchased from the shelter directly.

For more info, visit The Haven website here or like The Haven District 6 Night Shelter on Facebook here. Contact The Haven District Night shelter on 021 465 1310 or at district6@haven.org.za.

How did you spend your 67 minutes this Mandela Day?

July 1, 2014

Meet Nazira from Sure Mithas Travel

In the third of our “Meet your Sure agency” series, we’d like to introduce you to Nazira Mitha, Director of Sure Mithas Travel. Sure Mithas Travel has offices in Newcastle and Overport in KZN and an office in Lesotho.

Tell us a little about yourself? I have a deep and undying passion for travel and have been in the industry for 37 fabulous years. I love visiting new places, experiencing other cultures, sampling different cuisines and meeting people from all over the world. But most of all, I love travelling because I get to appreciate the natural wonders that Almighty God has blessed us with.

How did you come to be working in travel?
My father was a director at a travel agency. Since I was the youngest daughter, he was always very protective over me and instead of sending me away to study he offered me a job to work for him. It is thanks to him that I joined the travel industry and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

What do you love most about your job? 
I love helping make people’s dreams come true. There are many who save for years to go on their dream vacation and I make it my responsibility to ensure that their dream becomes a reality and their holiday is unforgettable.

What would you tell a tourist in your city to do?
We sometimes get so busy with our work, families and other responsibilities that we tend to overlook the simple beauty that surrounds us.
• Visit the Moses Mabhida Stadium and take the Skycar up to the top of the arch. The view is absolutely majestic (if you are adventurous then maybe do the jump off the stadium!)
• Try a bunny chow
• Take a rickshaw ride on the beach
• Ushaka Wet & Wild
• Durban Botanical Gardens

First time you ever travelled abroad?
The first time I ever step foot on a plane was when I went to Mauritius with my family at the age of 12.

Favourite destination to travel to?
Saudi Arabia

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Next place on your travel bucket list?
India. I won a trip for 2 at the India Tourism Workshop and will be travelling in September.

Most treasured travel memory?
My husband and I travelled to Seychelles for our 30th wedding anniversary.

Funniest travel experience?On a family trip to London, we were using the tube to get to a theatre show. As always the tube was busy and I was pushed into a corner as people were packed in there like a tin of sardines. I was daydreaming about a beautiful handbag in Harrods and did not realise that we had reached our stop and that my family had already gotten off until I heard them banging outside the window and frantically gesturing for me to get off! There were people barricading the way and I’m grateful for all the years I supported the Springboks as I rugby tackled my way through and made it out the door in the nick of time to loud cheers from my family.

Best travel tip you have ever received?

Do a coach tour. As you get older you want to be pampered, and a coach tour includes all porters, tours and most meals, making your trip stress free and relaxed.

What advice would you give to someone travelling?
Travel light and always take our adequate travel insurance.

Tell us about Sure Mithas Travel? We started as a small home based office and have grown into a family orientated travel agency of 16. We have a close knit office and all strive to provide our clients with the best. We love to travel and visit different countries and if we go to a city twice, we make sure we stay at different hotels and see different sights so as to give the best possible advice to our valuable clients.

Why should a client visit Sure Mithas Travel?

We believe in building client relationships and will make you feel right at home. We do flights, domestic and international packages, cruises, coach tours, sports packages as well as travel insurance and forex.

How can a client contact you?
Call: 031 207 6987
Email: info@mithastravel.co.za
For addresses and other contact details, visit the Sure Travel website here.