July 18, 2014

Mandela Day 67 minutes: The Haven Night Shelter

This Mandela Day, we chose to dedicate our time and resources to helping an organisation close to our hearts at Sure Travel Head Office – The Haven Night Shelter in District 6.

Many staff often see people on the streets in Cape Town’s CBD asking for money to get into the night shelters. We were originally thinking of making sandwiches and soup but the shelter advised that as they were already expecting sandwiches, what would be most helpful was non-perishable food items. We thus spent our time sorting, collecting and delivering food as well as blankets, toiletries and clothing and also meeting the shelter staff and some of the residents.

Nazley Rogers, Supervisor & Skills Trainer at the shelter, kindly gave us a tour and explained how they work. The Haven Night Shelters are registered as public benefit organisations and provide temporary shelter, physical care, social welfare and family re-unification services to adult homeless people in the Western Cape.

The District 6 shelter can accommodate a maximum of 110 people and has 10 staff members. They cook 3 meals a day on just one stove. A person needs R10 to receive a The Haven coupon or “passport” that gives them access to a bed (if available), food, a shower, medical attention and counselling and training. The shelter offers all those that are unemployed a 2 hour job (cleaning, cooking, etc.) as a means to contribute towards their nightly stay.


Thank you to Nazley, Deon and all the staff who kindly took the time to meet with us – a special thank you to these individuals who put so much of themselves into a job that is so physically, emotionally and mentally stressful, to help those in need.

First photo (from left to right): Deon Arendse (Fieldworker), Shoneeze Lottering, Charne Swanepoel and Sipho Williams (from Sure Travel Head Office) and Nazley Rogers (Supervisor/Skills Trainer).
Other photos: The female dorm rooms at The Haven District 6 Night Shelter.

How can you help?
The Haven Night Shelter in District 6 has advised that they specifically need a large pot for cooking. In addition, non-perishable foods, toiletries, cleaning detergents, adult clothing, bedding and towels are always welcome.

You can also help by volunteering, making a monetary donation or purchasing The Haven “passports” for R10 each to give to those who need. These passports are accepted at any The Haven shelters and can be purchased from the shelter directly.

For more info, visit The Haven website here or like The Haven District 6 Night Shelter on Facebook here. Contact The Haven District Night shelter on 021 465 1310 or at district6@haven.org.za.

How did you spend your 67 minutes this Mandela Day?


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