August 8, 2014

Five reasons to visit Paris

Eiffel Tower in Paris

We love a good list. Especially a travel list. We’re exploring a new series that shares just five reasons to visit a special place around the world. Although there are hundreds or thousands of reasons to visit anywhere, we will try narrow it down to just five easy to remember reasons to inspire you. Get those travel bucket lists ready! The first (in no particular order) is the famous city of lights, Paris…

1: This famous view.

Eiffel Tower in Paris

2:  The food – macarons, croissants, cheese, baguettes, all of it.
Croissants in Paris

Picnic under the Eiffel Tower

Macarons in Paris
 3: Street-side cafés (where you can enjoy the above-mentioned food delights).
Streetside cafes in Paris

Streetside cafes in Paris

4: Getting to stroll the streets while revelling in the unmistakable Parisian joie de vivre*.
*joy of living
Lamps in Paris

Parisian style

Streets of Paris

Woman walking poodles in Paris
5: Dusk
Dusk in Paris

Sunset in Paris

Paris is always a good idea. Comment below with your reason to visit.

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OMW these photo's are breathtaking! It's got my wanderlust firing - #Paris should be on anyone's bucket list and is very high up on mine. Hope to take such great photos of my own some day!

We're happy we've got you dreaming of Paris Wayne! Hopefully you can visit soon and get started on those awesome photos :)

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