October 16, 2014

Five reasons to visit New York

New York, New York as the song goes, is an absolute must on those long travel bucket lists. Perhaps the most popular city ever immortalised in film, almost every aspect of the Big Apple will make you feel as if you’re walking in your favourite movie or TV series. Here are just five reasons to visit…

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Central Park
The city’s most visited urban park, this tranquil green space amidst the craziness of the city, is truly spectacular in every season. It’s the place to walk, ride, ice skate, row boats, enjoy festivals or simply sit back and people watch.

The food
Bagels, hot dogs, cronuts, pizza and all the tasty food you can imagine... go to New York hungry because you certainly will be leaving a few kilos heavier.

Iconic monuments
From the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty to Rockefeller Center and Times Square, nothing will make you feel like you’re living in a movie more than visiting these famous tourist attractions.

Views from above
Top of the Rock is the best place to view New York’s 360-degree views far above the bustling streets. These three tiers of observation decks on the Rockefeller Center (the highest on the 70th floor) boast views of almost every major sight, including the Empire State Building.

The energy
Known as the city that never sleeps, it’s no surprise the buzz is contagious. No matter what you feel like doing, the city is your 24-hour playground. Perhaps if you stay long enough, a little bit of its magic will rub off on you…

Have you visited New York? What was your favourite activity?

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The New York is my favorite spot to visit. I have been there many times. I really enjoy the vocation and tours of this region. It offers lots of attraction for tourism and delicious food. I like the Central Park and its museums. At this time my friends are enjoying the us west coast bus tours. When they return back we will visit the New York again.

There are definitely more then 5 reasons to visit. 2 years ago I booked a hotel with my boyfriend and we went for two weeks to NYC in the summer. However I think We haven't seen everything there. I want to go back but I want to visit New York in the winter. I heard it is amazing to see the snowy New York.

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