October 10, 2014

How to take better travel photos

Taking photos is one of the most enjoyable and best ways to preserve your travel experiences. No matter what camera or phone you’re using, a few simple tips will help you keep an eye out for what will make more interesting, unique photos that really capture the mood of the destination.

All photos are taken in Paris by The Londoner blog.

Capture the details that make the place you’re visiting different from home. Look out for road signs, food, textures, colours, the sky, streets, a typical supermarket, etc. Think people, places, things and food.

Tell the whole story of your trip – from the start of planning and packing to the airports and arriving, snap all those elements that make your trip a complete story.

Play with your camera/phone before your trip. This is especially important if you’ve got a new one – or even if you have had the same one for a while – try out some new techniques and settings so you don’t waste precious time on holiday.

Step close, then step back. A new perspective can turn that standard tourist snap into something much more interesting. Play around with close ups, get higher than your subject, put your camera on the ground, include something in the foreground (a leaf or tree or the back of a person), lie on your back (if you can!) or whatever you think will make a great angle.

 Take that tourist selfie. Especially if you’re traveling on your own, the selfie is a must-do if you want a pic of yourself on holiday. Snapping your shoes or outfit is also a cute way of including yourself. Don’t worry about looking silly – chances are you don’t know anyone around you! Have fun!

Know where the sun is. If you can take your photos in the golden hour after sunrise and before sunset, do it. But if not, try to identify where the sun is and work with it the best you can. The light can completely change the mood of a photo so it’s a good idea to take multiple photos of the same thing in different light.

The rule of thirds. Don't always centre your object in the middle of a photo. The rule of thirds advises placing the object of the photo on a line that splits a photo into 1/3 or 2/3 sections. Read more about it here

Lastly, and most importantly, don’t stress about the photos. Remember to step back from your camera and just soak it in. Taking photos is the best way to preserve your memories but know when to pack it away and just enjoy the experience.

What are your travel photography tips? Comment below and let us know.


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