November 17, 2014

Introducing the Sure Travel Journey magazine

We would like to proudly introduce you to Sure Travel Journey – Sure Travel’s new quarterly travel, leisure and lifestyle magazine. The complimentary magazine, available at a Sure Travel agency near you, is packed with traveller stories, tips, travel news and all the very best travel inspiration. Sure Travel CEO, Vanya Lessing, would like to welcome you to the journey and share one of her amazing travel memories…

“It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of Sure Travel Journey. I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with Melany Bendix, a well-known travel journalist and past editor of The Big Issue. Melany and her team of journalists and contributors understand the world of travel; the good, the bad and the ugly. Our aim is to bring you interesting stories, travel tips, the latest and greatest destinations people are travelling to, and inspire you to take that journey of a lifetime.

Every person I know, no matter how well travelled, sets off from home with a dream and just a little anxiety. It’s quite normal. Our job as Sure Travel professionals is to make sure that you have a great experience, knowing that we have taken our duty of care very seriously and have managed all the important details. Corporate travel must be managed seamlessly; cost and value are key while we know family time is for relaxation, fun and bonding. When travellers come back and tell us they enjoyed a restaurant we recommended in a little village, danced the night away as Club VIP’s, re-energised at an Ayurvedic spa or simply loved our suggested itineraries, we know we’re in the right industry.

We have chosen our travel partners across the globe very carefully, to take care of you every step of the way, including during challenging times. One of the most challenging yet amazing experiences I had was two years ago, when I got caught up in Hurricane Sandy in New York.

I was on a Queen Mary cruise when, on the morning of disembarkation, the captain announced that we were heading into a very bad storm. I decided the best thing was to get to my hotel as quickly as possible and work things out from there. I never expected the whole of NY to shut down: not a yellow cab in sight, not a coffee shop open, airports closed, sirens blaring. As it was a few hours until the hurricane was expected to hit central NY, I decided to venture outside to see what was happening. Absolutely nothing was going on… just me and a friend walking along deserted streets; it felt as though I was in a sci-fi movie! Fortunately I had a great network of travel professionals keeping me calm and getting on with the business of bringing me home safely. Actually, it was a great experience!
We all have travel stories to tell. We’d love to hear yours. Cross your bridges, reach out for your dreams, tomorrow is a beautiful road waiting to be travelled…..

Enjoy the journey with us!” ~ Vanya Lessing,
Sure Travel CEO

Pick up your complimentary copy of Sure Travel Journey at any Sure Travel agency.
In the summer 2014 issue now out…10 reasons to stay in SA this summer, travelling to Mauritius with a toddler, off-the-beaten track Thailand, Banting on the go, and lots more.

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