February 13, 2015

Sure Travel HO staff and their destination loves

What is it that makes you fall in love with a place? The food, the people, the architecture or simply some indefinable factor that makes your heart skip a beat?  Whatever it is, here at Sure Travel we’ve lost our hearts to many places across the globe. This Valentine’s Day, some Head Office staff share their destination loves….

Anthea – Malacca, Malaysia
Malacca is such a special place. It’s a World Heritage Site so basically everything has a meaning and story behind it and the food, and coffee (somewhat surprisingly), is really good. The street markets are a must-do, as is tasting a pineapple tart – they’re amazing!  You can get them anywhere in Jonker Street. I also had the best meal ever at a Baba-Nonya restaurant. Baba-Nonya cuisine is Chinese cooking that uses Malaysian herbs and spices along with Melayu, Chinese and some Indian techniques. It was fusion food long before fusion was a thing!

Malacca is also right next door to James Bond Island. After being featured in the 1974 James Bond movie, “The Man With The Golden Gun”, Khao Phing Kan became popularly known as James Bond Island. Its official name is Khao Phing Kan or Ko Khao Phing Kan, a pair of islands in the Phang Nga Bay, Strait of Malacca. Malacca is also not far from Kuala Lumpur – shop till you drop!

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Martin – New York
I love New York and it has a special place in my heart because one of my most treasured travel memories is of the city. Performing in the Carnegie Hall! I sang as part of a mass choir consisting of 25 choirs from around the world. New York also has a never-ending vibe unlike anywhere else.

Layla – Singapore
I fell in love with Singapore for so many reasons. It was my first ever international destination I visited (I’ve since visited three times) and its beautiful, green, clean, the people are friendly, it’s safe and easy to get around and you can have any food you can think of! Shopping is an obvious attraction and Bugies Junction is a must-do, as is sampling all the satay. A highlight was that I enjoyed my first night safari there as well.

Jenna – London
London has a special place in my heart as I spent 2 years there after school on a gap year. It will always feel like a second home to me. Some of my favourite places in the city were Wimbledon Park (in the long summer days having a picnic in the park until 10 at night is just the best), drinks and dinner in the vibey, cobblestoned Covent Garden, walking along the Thames in the evenings and the incredible sense of history that surrounds you everywhere.

Yolanda  Dubai
Dubai was my first international trip and I loved it! It’s quite similar to Durban weather-wise – very hot!- and there are so many things to see, nice beaches, shopping, nightlife and everything. People are friendly and accommodating and quite a few of them speak English so it’s no problem communicating. The trains are also superb so it’s easy to get around. Some highlights were the desert safari experience (and the food!) and when we went to a nightclub right at the top of the Burj Khalifa.

Natasha – Israel
I fell in love with Israel when I visited there in 2009 and am excited to go back next year for another visit. I enjoyed the fact that so many places I had read about were brought to life and I absolutely loved the food – lots of hummus, fish, salads, olives and dates. Some highlights were the Jewish Museum, the Garden Tomb and a boat cruise on the Sea of Galilee.

Odete – Antarctica
Antarctica is an amazing destination to visit. We were on a cruise cruising past the various research stations in the area  - soaking in the Jacuzzi drinking port while it’s freezing outside is one of my favourite memories! Some of the wildlife we saw from the ship were leopard seals, whales and Albatross birds. What an out-of-this-world destination and one of my all-time favourite holidays.

Charne – Mauritius
I love Mauritius and although it's somewhat clichéd, I would hop on a plane there any time! It’s the ultimate relaxing destination. The beaches, clear water, cocktails and snorkelling are just the best. My favourite hotels on my recent educational were the ultra-luxurious LUX Le Morne and the Oberoi. Next on my Mauritius bucket list is swimming with the dolphins, parasailing and undersea walking on the sea bed.

Shanaaz – Rio de Janeiro
I visited Rio many years ago, flying on SAA’s inaugural direct flight from Joburg, and it still has a special place in my heart. Highlights were Sugar Loaf Mountain (I took the 2 cable cars up there even before I got around to taking the cable car up Table Mountain!), Corcovado, Copacabana beach, etc. Surprisingly most of the people seemed to talk Portuguese rather than Spanish which sometimes made getting around a bit tricky but they were friendly and helpful. Wonderful place.

What destination have you lost your heart to? Comment below and let us know!
Happy Valentine's Day!


So great reading all these personal stories... makes me want to travel to all these beautiful destinations.

Thanks for the lovely comment Layla! :)

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