July 9, 2015

Five reasons why you need travel insurance

Wondering if you need travel insurance? The short answer… yes, you do. Holidays are all about fun, adventure and relaxation. But trust us, things can go wrong. That’s why it’s so important to use a professional travel consultant you can trust - like our Sure Travel consultants around the country - to give you information on travel insurance.

The last thing you’re going to want on your holiday is being stuck in a foreign country with a broken leg and a medical bill scary enough to give you a heart attack. Wearing the same clothes for 4 days straight while your luggage is enjoying its own around the world holiday is also not the adventure you probably have in mind.

It’s not fun. It’s not sexy. But trust us, you need travel insurance. And the right kind of travel insurance too.

Our Sure Travel recommendation is TIC travel insurance – with TIC, we can rest assured that our clients can truly travel with peace of mind.

Here are just five reasons why you need TIC travel insurance:

1. You’re covered door to door

While some travel insurance products only cover you from when you pass through passport control, TIC covers you from the moment you walk out of your door at home. If you slip on the doormat, or are involved in an accident on the way to the airport, TIC is there to assist.

2. All tropical diseases

If you’re heading to a malaria zone, for example, and don’t want to take malaria medication for whatever reason, you don’t have to. TIC product covers you for whether you’ve taken the medication or not.

3. Cover for all 3 major risks

The majority of travel insurance claims are related to medical costs, cancellation expenses and luggage losses. It’s important that you ensure you have cover for all three risks.

If there’s a cyclone in Mauritius, for example, and the airline has cancelled your flight, chances are they will compensate you for meals only. That means you’re stuck sleeping on a bench at the airport. If you have a TIC policy, you can book yourself into an airport hotel and claim the expense back from TIC if applicable (TIC tip - you have to keep all receipts for expenses you’re planning on claiming back).

4. You can top up your free cover

Most banks provide some complimentary travel cover if you have purchased your ticket using your credit card – this is usually limited to medical cover. Some medical aids also offer complementary medical insurance. Make sure that you check exactly what is covered before travelling. You may find that it’s not sufficient at all or you may just need some top-up cover. Ask your Sure Travel consultant about topping up your cover.

5. Peace of mind

Why would you risk spoiling your holiday and wasting your precious time and money by not ensuring you’re adequately covered. Peace of mind is priceless.

Got a question about travel insurance? Need to book your TIC travel insurance?  Contact your nearest Sure Travel consultant. 

Please note: this information is a guideline and does not replace the advice of a professional TIC or Sure Travel consultant or the conditions covered in specific policies. Terms and Conditions apply. Information as of 03 June 2015.


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