July 23, 2015

Travel decor for your home

When we aren’t travelling the world, we’re dreaming about travelling the world! Bringing some travel themed inspiration into your home is a great way to keep you inspired for your next trip, as well as keeping all your precious holiday memories where you can enjoy them daily. Here are some travel themed décor ideas to try…

Travel gallery wall

Map wallpaper – the bright colours of this one work particularly well in a kid’s bedroom.

Travel photo wallpaper - how serene and calming is this wallpaper! Stunning.

Hanging map clock – this one's available from Mr Price Home.

DIY storage bins

Instagram photo décor
With services like Nifty250 that let you print your Instagram photos, the door to a whole new world of travel décor has been opened.

Here are some nifty DIYs that will all work beautifully with your travel themed decor.

City name canvas - this can be a great DIY. Just get a canvas, some paint and practise your handwriting. You could make it your travel bucket list of cities you're still wishing to visit or those you've already visited.

Travel tray - to collect all those bits and bobs or treasured travel souvenirs.

Travel typography for your wall

Travel memory frames

Travel fund decorative frame

Postcard gallery

Frame your currency 

Got a cool travel decor idea? How have you brought some travel inspiration in your home? Comment below and let us know!


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