September 30, 2015

Sure Travel CEO re-elected President of ASATA

Sure Travel continues to bring expertise, leadership and travel knowledge to the Southern African travel industry. We are proud to announce that Sure Travel CEO, Vanya Lessing, was re-elected as President of ASATA for 2015/16 and James Sedgwick of Sure Fish Hoek Travel, Cape Town, was re-elected as Treasurer to the Board.

ASATA , the Association of Southern African travel agents, acts as a representative forum in the travel industry to promote professional service within their membership base for the benefit and security of the South African traveller. There are many important reasons why you should always use an ASATA member when making your travel arrangements.

The ASATA Board of Directors for 2015/16 was announced on 29 September 2015 at the ASATA AGM. Congratulations to all on the Board, re-elected for 2015/16:

President:  Vanya Lessing
Vice-President: Johanna Mukoki
Treasurer: James Sedgwick
Chief Executive Officer: Otto de Vries
Member - Retail Section: Claude Vankeirsbilck
Member - Retail Section: Bronwyn Philipps
Member - Wholesale Section: Johann Strydom
Member - Partner Section: Lance Smith

All Sure Travel agencies are members of ASATA. For all your travel needs, contact your nearest Sure Travel agency.

September 23, 2015

Flying Emirates Business class

Geraldine Boshoff, Contract and Marketing Manager at Sure Travel, shares her story of flying Emirates business class to Bangkok, Thailand. If you’re thinking of choosing or upgrading to Emirates business class, it comes highly recommend!

Here’s what Geraldine had to say…

I enjoyed such a wonderful trip on Emirates to Bangkok, Thailand, in June this year.

EK 773 - from Johannesburg to Dubai. Great crew and service.
EK384 - from Dubai to Bangkok on an A380. Wonderful! Service, seating, etc.
EK371 - from Bangkok to Dubai. Also on an A380 and once again a great experience.
EK770 - from Dubai to Cape Town was equally great. Hearing Afrikaans from the captain in the cockpit was a bonus.

Why I enjoyed flying Emirates business class:
• The Emirates experience was truly wonderful.
• The crew made me feel comfortable and special at all times.
• The in-flight entertainment "ICE" is great and I had time to catch up on a few movies.
• All the check-in counter staff were friendly and helpful.
• The Emirates amenity bags contain some lovely products.
• I really enjoyed the choice of food and wine on-board and to be served at a time convenient to each client is just amazing.

Photo credit:

A South African pilot flew us from Dubai to Cape Town which was a nice touch of home.

The Dubai airport experience:
• Dubai Airport is a maze of duty free shops, restaurants and lounges. A lot of choice.
• South Africans who are not flying in First or Business class may visit the Marhaba Lounges which are free of charge for many of the Platinum and Gold cardholders of most South African Banks. Check with your bank if you would have access.

It was really a wonderful experience flying business class with Emirates and I’d highly recommend it. Emirates can rightfully be proud of their product, crew and service.