October 9, 2015

Why use an ASATA approved travel agency?

There are many potential risks when booking travel. It’s a special time so you want to make sure you’re putting your precious holiday – and your money – in safe hands. Sure Travel agencies are all members of ASATA (The Association of Southern African travel agents). Here’s why it’s so important to use an ASATA approved travel agency, such as Sure Travel

The best value for money 
An ASATA Member will tell you about all the available choices, special promotions and advise on the quality and value of a particular product.

Maximum choice
You will be given a wide variety of travel options and quotes from competing travel suppliers.

An ASATA Member will source multiple aspects of your trip, including air tickets, accommodation, car rental and more.

Customer advocate
 If you experience a problem on your trip an ASATA Member will help you, acting on your behalf to put it right.

Expert guidance
 ASATA Professional Travel Consultants use their extensive knowledge and experience to create effortless holidays for you.

Personalised service
ASATA Members understand what you want and understand the extent that the products can deliver. You won’t be dealing with some impersonal voice on the end of the phone but someone who is determined to deliver value.

Professional advice
All ASATA accredited travel agencies such as Sure Travel have the experience, training and knowledge to ensure that in every instance you get the best travel package, at the right price.
Timing savings – all the information is at the ASATA Members fingertips and can be pulled quickly, giving you better service.

ASATA Members are a local business in your area, not an anonymous website. You know how to reach them and who they are.

Uunbiased information. We work for you, the consumer, not for the airline or any other travel supplier. Our only objective is to get you the best value and a level of service that ensures that you will come back and see us again!

Sure Travel consultants do all this, and more! We truly love travel and we love our clients – and have the reputation, awards and loyal clients for life to prove it.

If you want to make the very best kind of memories on your travels, contact your nearest Sure Travel agency.


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