May 24, 2016

Sure Travel Journey magazine Winter 2016

The Winter 2016 issue of our Sure Travel Journey magazine is now out! It’s a jam-packed issue bound to warm up your winter with some great travel ideas and inspiration.

Go big in Japan: Sarah Duff talks to robots, sips traditional tea and meditates in temples while in search of the old and new in Japan.

DIY adventure in the Seychelles: Will Bendix, associate editor of Sure Travel Journey, discovers it’s more affordable than you think.

Cheat the chill: Top 3 Western Cape hot springs

Don’t skype, fly! Why it pays to travel for business.

Pick up a copy of the Sure Travel Journey magazine at your nearest Sure Travel agency or in selected airport lounges. 

Our Sure Travel CEO, Vanya Lessing, shared a favourite travel memory in this issue’s CEO letter. Here’s what she had to say…

There's a world of sun and sand, full of
sky and far from land, where evening
breezes caress the shore like a gentle
comforting hand

Fragrant blossoms, honey bees, careless
laughter upon the breeze and lovers
fading to pools of deep purple
shadows among the trees

Listen to the ocean, echoes of a million
seashells, forever it's in motion, moving
to a rhythmic and unwritten music
that's played eternally

Listen to the Ocean, Nina & Frederick – 1960
(Nina Möller / Frederick Von Pallandt)

My grandmother used to play this song as she swayed to the music with a smile on her face, thinking of our next holiday to Durban.  Years later, I remembered the beautiful words of this familiar old song as I arrived in the Seychelles. I went on holiday with a group of friends, one of whom had spent time working there. We had the opportunity of meeting his local friends and experiencing the multi ethnic Seychelloise culture. We wore flowers in our hair and learnt to sega dance. I can fully relate to the “I Love Seychelles” campaign launched by their Tourism Board last year. For me, it truly was a love at first sight experience!

As island hoppers or bush trekkers, we must be responsible tourists. If the parks and reserves of Africa are to survive and thrive, they require the combined efforts of governments, investors, local communities and tourists, to work toward sustainable practices.  Cameron Ewart-Smith is a man with a mission to protect endangered species.  (See The 10 Great Parks of Africa, on page 45 of the magazine).

The earthquake that hit the southwestern city of Kumamoto-shi in Japan caused many travellers to seek facts relating to what causes an earthquake and whether it is safe to travel to Japan.  The Japanese archipelago is located in an area where several continental and oceanic plates meet. This is the cause of earthquakes and the presence of many volcanoes and hot springs across Japan. Centres of research have been established to study seismological activity and the government of Japan has enforced measures to make buildings more resistant to earthquakes in known disaster zones. Your Sure Travel consultant will provide you with updated travel warnings for all destinations, including Japan.

Tokyo is one of Richard Branson’s favorite cities. He has plans to build supersonic aircraft that could take you from New York to Tokyo in 1 hour. It currently takes more than 13 hours. If you’re an Olympics fan, it’s time to start planning for Japan 2020. In the article on Something Old, something New (page 27 of the magazine), Sarah Duff will inspire you to visit Tokyo, Japan’s bustling capital.
My next BizTravel adventure is going to be on the railway track from Cape Town to Johannesburg. The idea of getting some work done on a choo-choo, watching the landscape go by, is very appealing.  You might want to try Premier Classe with the family (All Aboard with Richard Holmes, page 52)

No matter how big or small your next journey is, our Sure Travel consultants look forward to understanding your unique needs and providing you with amazing travel experience.

The pleasure is ours,

Vanya Lessing, Sure Travel CEO

Do you have a copy of the latest issue? You can win some wonderful prizes – check out page 52. 
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