February 27, 2017

Five must-have European summer experiences

You know those travel experiences that everyone says you have to do at least once in your lifetime? Europe in the summer is one of those. Yes it’s popular but for good reason. Just imagine seeing those iconic sights under dazzling sunny skies. Inspired by these Travel Vision travel packages, we’ve come up with five must-have experiences for your European summer holiday...

A Greek cruise

Nothing says “iconic summer in Europe” as much as a cruise of the Aegean or Mediterranean Sea. Relax on board, hop off to explore quaint towns and villages and fall asleep lulled by the gentle rhythms of life upon the sea. A cruise also offers good value for money as your accommodation, transport between destinations and all meals are included in the cruise price.
4 Day Idyllic Aegean Cruise in Greece package

The city of art

For centuries, Italy has been the centre of history, culture and art. If you’re even remotely interested in art, Italy is THE place to visit. Check out this 8 day City of Art tour. Rome, Assisi, Florence, Bologna, Venice and Montepulciano and the Great Masters await. And if you’re not into art, then the food (hello gelato!) is a compelling enough reason to visit Italy in the summer too.

Summer in Russia

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Russia is likely not the first choice that springs to mind when you imagine Europe in the summer but trust us, it’s well worth a visit. Russia is an enigma that just has to be sampled by any serious traveller. In summer, the palaces, museums, parks and architecture will dazzle you under bright blue summer skies.
6 day Russia Tour

Spain by train

Ever thought about travelling through Spain by train? It’s a wonderful way of experiencing this vibrant country. Travel from Barcelona to Madrid, Granada, Seville & Cordoba all by train - prepare to be romanced.
Discover Spain by train

Islands of Croatia

The country of a thousand islands. With a magnificent coastline boasting 1185 islands and a countryside scattered with ruins and picturesque medieval villages, Croatia is fast becoming a rival to the Greek islands.
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Where do you want to visit in Europe in the summer?
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