May 23, 2017

A shoe for every foot when you travel the Trafalgar way

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Wander the world, without a care in the world – a myriad of travel destinations brought to life in an authentic, fun and effortless way, from cooking a la mode Italiano with Chef Libero in Florence to steaks on an Aussie Barbie under the starry Outback sky.

Scratch under the surface of any destination with one of eight specially defined Trafalgar’s Travel Styles featured by Sure Travel. Which travel style are you?

1. At Leisure  

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Enjoy a leisurely encounter with a destination – later starts, longer stays and more “unguided” and less “pre-planned” time so that you can explore on you own terms.

2. Country Explorer

Get to know one country and all its people, stories and culture in-depth. Indulge in a smorgasbord of flavours, sights and sounds by seeing all the highlights of one destination.

3. Discoveries

                                                                                                                      Photo © AdobeStock
Experience a range of countries on one trip, crisscrossing destinations on an epic adventure that moves seamlessly from one highlight to another so that can enjoy the unique characteristics of multiple destinations.

4. Cruise, Rail and Combos

Over land, over water, by coach or by train… Explore the world on the move by the transport most suited to that destination. Imagine crossing Mexico’s Tarahumara over soaring bridges on the World’s Most Exciting Train Journey or island hopping through the exquisite Greek Islands.

5. Regional Explorer

                                                                                                  Photo © travelguru1492/AdobeStock
See two or more countries on one trip, a delicate balance between seeing as much as possible during one guided holiday, but at the same time enjoying the in-depth insight into each destination Trafalgar has carefully selected to showcase.

6. Family Experience

Spend quality time connecting and bonding with your family effortlessly and in safe surrounds, and share life-changing moments and first-hand encounters from which all generations will learn something.

7. Hidden Journeys

Gain a deeper understanding of and enjoy a more intimate encounter with a destination and its people. This is not about ticking a box. Rather, this is a rare opportunity to get under the skin of and experience what is extraordinary about a place.

8. Special Interest

This is all about your passion and interests – from World War battlefields to English country gardens. Enjoy an in-depth exploration of a destination revealing its depths according to your special interests.

Why the Trafalgar way?

Seventy years of refining how travellers love to travel has meant that when you travel the Trafalgar way you will enjoy a life-changing lifestyle experience, unrivalled value, local knowledge and a hassle-free holiday where all the details have been taken care of.

Trafalgar is proud to be the most globally awarded guided travel company, having collected 46 major travel awards over the last five years alone, as well as the Gold Trusted Merchant Award from independent reviews provider Feefo with a guest satisfaction ratio of over 95%.

Don’t believe us; believe Trafalgar’s guests who have consistently voted the guided holiday experts Simply the Best at what they do.

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Trafalgar is the guided holiday expert. From the highlights of Britain and Ireland to VietnamNew ZealandIceland and everything in-between, Trafalgar will take you there in your own travel style. Book your Travel Style with Sure Travel today. Click here to view more packages, or call your nearest Sure Travel agency today. 


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