May 10, 2017

Disney reveals plans for world's biggest Star Wars-themed hotel

All bets are that hotel guests will have an immersive Star Wars experience

Jedi fans, hold onto your lightsabers: by 2019 there will be a gigantic Star Wars hotel that will most likely resemble the Millennium Falcon spaceship.

The hotel is part of the new 14-acre Star Wars Land theme park Disney has planned for Disney World Orlando. Disney is tightlipped on the details, but the social media rumour mill claims a two-day stay will include an immersive and interactive Star Wars story experience that includes guests being assigned secret missions.

The hotel itself will have a giant pool area and water park, while rooms will have a view of the galaxy. You’re looking at between R12 000 and R13 500 per person for a two-night stay, including admission to the park and all meals. As Yoda might say; not cheap a stay in the galaxy will be.


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