June 13, 2017

5 ways to protect your travel rand from junk status

Despite South Africa’s recent junk status downgrading and going into technical recession earlier this month, the Rand is holding steady (well, at least steadier than it did after #NeneGate last year). But who knows what’s going to happen to our 'Randibas' over the next few months, so why not be proactive and protect your travel savings from currency fluctuations and cost increases?

Here are five easy ways to do it:

1. Booking and paying for your holiday in advance is a good idea if the rand is likely to weaken.

Now's the time when those rainy day savings will come in handy.

2. An even better bet is to book with companies like Trafalgar Tours, Insight Vacations, Uniworld Cruises, Busabout and Contiki, which lock in the rate of exchange with a Rand Price Guarantee when you pay a deposit. This ensures there are no nasty surprises if the rand decides to take a nosedive between the time you book and the time you pay in full.
Go to India with Contiki - your rand exchange will be guaranteed

3. These same five travel companies also offer a deposit protection. If you have to cancel your booking, you don’t lose your deposit.  Trafalgar Tours, Insight Vacations, Uniworld Cruises, Busabout and Contiki will all keep your deposit “on file” for up to five years, during which time you can use it as credit for a trip. The terms and conditions vary slightly between companies (for example, Contiki has the upper age limit of 35) but this is the gist of it. Ask your nearest Sure Travel consultant for details.
Dining al fresco with Uniworld River Cruises

4. Take advantage of bank accounts or cash passports that allow you to exchange your travel savings into the currency of the country to which you’ll be travelling. That way if the rand drops further, your hard-earned savings won’t be affected.

Avoid currency fluctuations by putting your forex on a travel card

5. All-inclusive packages, like those offered by Club Med and Beachcomber, are the way to go if you’re on a strict budget. Especially if you’re going for a resort holiday and you have money-milking kids en tow. Packages differ, but generally everything – from food to drinks – is usually included, so you don’t have to sweat every time you order another mojito by the pool.

Go all-inclusive at Beachomber's Canonnier Golf Resort & Spa

Bonus tip: Don't forget to check out destinations that are easy on the South African wallet. Your nearest Sure Travel agency can help you find more, or take a look at some of the great deals on our website.


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