June 7, 2017

Where in Tolkien country were our guest bloggers? Day 2: here's the answer...


You’ll recognise it instantly it you’re a Tolkien fan; it was a significant location in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and The Hobbit film series. Located in Matamata in the Waikato region of New Zealand’s North Island, the land that Hobbiton was built on is actually part of a family-run farm. The area was picked by the films’ director Peter Jackson himself in 1998, who spotted it during an aerial search for filming locations for the first The Lord of the Rings film.

Fun fact: the New Zealand army was called in to bring heavy equipment to create the road that links Hobbiton to the real world, making it easier for the 400-plus cast and crew to get to work each day. Other heavy-duty construction included building the facades of 37 hobbit holes and gardens, a mill, double arch bridge and erecting a 26-ton oak tree above Bag End. 

In 2010 the set was rebuilt to be a permanent little town and there are now 66 hobbit holes. Two-hour guided tours of the 14-acre film set run daily, with highlights including Bagshot Row, the Party Tree and Bilbo’s Bag End home.

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Natasha's highlight...

"If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, this is a good place to start...where it all begins! The craft in (twice!) recreating this little town is incredible and intricate. It feels like Hobbits really do live there, but the Bagginses have just gone on holiday. Take ridiculously corny photos and have a pint after!”

Photo © Phipps/Johnson

And Adrian's...

“Exploring the magical land of Hobbiton is a Tolkien geek's dream come true. From the flowing green pastures, the most impressive party tree that lays watch over all Hobbiton to the very alive and growing vegetable garden, they all combine to jet you away to the land described by Mr Tolkien. The format of the tours are well structured with each tour group getting sufficient time at each attraction, and then still get that obligatory selfie outside a Hobbit house. I really enjoyed the Green Dragon Inn – the most functional of all the attractions. The attention to detail was really a delight to behold while sipping on some Hobbit ale, brewed exclusively in Middle Earth.”

Photo © Phipps/Johnson

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