July 6, 2017

Laptop ban lifted on Emirates and Turkish Airlines' US-bound flights

A Turkish Airlines passenger boards a flight bound for New York on 6 July shortly after the laptop ban was lifted
BREAKING NEWS: The United States has lifted its controversial laptop ban on incoming Turkish Airlines and Emirates flights from Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport and Dubai International Airport respectively.

This follows Etihad Airways’ Monday announcement that the ban had been lifted on all flights from Abu Dhabi to the US after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials travelled to Abu Dhabi to approve upgraded security protocol.

Yesterday TSA officials gave Turkish Airlines and Emirates the all clear, enabling passengers of both airlines flying to the US to immediately carry electronic devices – including laptops and tablets – onto aircraft, subject to enhanced security measures.

Ataturk International, Dubai International and Abu Dhabi International are three of the 10 airports from eight countries that the US imposed the laptop ban in March. The countries are: Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Turkey.

Unconfirmed reports in Saudi newspapers indicated that Saudi Arabia’s national carrier Saudia expects to be the next airline to have the laptop ban lifted on its US flights from both Riyadh and Jeddah.

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