July 17, 2017

#TravelTuesday with Trafalgar Quiz: Answer

Where in the world can Trafalgar take you? 


There are few places in the world as intriguing as Hong Kong, also known by its full name of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or Hong Kong SAR.

An ancient city split between capitalism and communism, Hong Kong offers a diverse cultural experience that attracts millions from around the world each year.

The city has long been a major seafaring hub and what is today known as Victoria Harbour is a Chinese to English (mis)translation from its original name "Fragrant Harbour", thought to come from Hong Kong's ancient incense trade.

With a population of over seven million, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated and modern cities in the world – it has around 8 000 skyscrapers dotting the skyline; double that of New York, its nearest rival. Be sure to catch the nightly Symphony of Lights show, the biggest laser and light show in the world with buildings on both sides of the harbour flashing their lights in synchronisation to music, while laser beams are shone from their roofs.

Besides boasting the most skyscrapers, Hong Kong is also home to Tsing Ma Bridge, the longest road and rail suspension bridge in the world. It spans 1 377 meters, longer than San Franciso’s Golden Gate Bridge (1 280 metres).

But it’s not all glass and steel: around three-fourths of Hong Kong is rural, with 24 country parks, reservoirs hills, and the coastline easily accessible from the city. In fact, Hong Kong’s Peak Circle Walk is regarded as one of the world’s most scenic walks.

Hong Kong loves luxury and has more Rolls Royce’s per capita than anywhere else in the world. That said, it is actually one of the least car-dependent cities globally. Over 90% of all trips are taken on public transport – that’s around five million passengers daily.

If you happen to be in Hong Kong on your birthday, tradition would have it that if you eat noodles; it is a sure way to boost long life and blessings. Just remember to thank your server with a silent “thank you” when you have had enough by lightly rapping the table with your fore- and middle fingers. And you won’t have any trouble finding a noodle bar for the birthday feast – Hong Kong has the highest number of restaurants and caf├ęs per capita. Good luck choosing.

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