August 8, 2017

6 ways travel boosts #GirlPower

Though the gender pay gap persists in some industries (yes, sadly, in 2017), the good news is that we pavement-pounding ladies are making some serious cash and spending it on seeing the world like never before. When it comes to travel, these days, we’re in charge of all the financial decision-making and have some pretty notable purchasing power. In fact, women make 80% of all travel decisions.

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Whether it’s a solo trip or a girl’s getaway, more women are discovering the liberating effect of travel. Kelly Jackson, general manager of youth travel brand Contiki, explains why:

1.  Solo travel = self-growth 

“In the decade since the Eat, Pay, Love phenomenon, a growing number of women are opting for a little soul-searching solo travel. These days, there’s no shortage of inspiring female explorers who are taking charge and transforming their lives through travel,” says Jackson.

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Not only do you learn about the people, culture, architecture and history of foreign places, you learn about yourself. With the help of GPS technology and apps, independent female travellers are less daunted by the idea of a solo adventure.

2. Trips with purpose enrich lives

Travel offers the chance to interact with female-focused organisations worldwide, allowing women to empower both themselves and other women in their journeys. Many community development trips include initiatives that allow travellers to enrich women from less advantaged parts of the world through educational and infrastructure-building opportunities.

“Through our TreadRight Foundation and our MeToWe association, we offer our guests the chance to volunteer and make real change in the communities we travel through,” says Jackson. “Our MeToWe volunteer trips can be done in India or Ecuador and are a one-of-kind experience connecting our travellers with local families and their extended community,” says Jackson.

3. Adventure trips test grit

It’s no secret that female travellers are swapping the swanky spa and beach vacations for more experience-filled adventure trips.

An escape from the daily grind is also increasingly a chance for women to challenge themselves physically – whether that means climbing a mountain (anyone up for Machu Picchu?), heli-skiing or white water rafting down a wild river.

4. New connections grow global networks

Making new friends is one of the best side effects of travel, and you’ll gain confidence as you network and bond with other driven women.

This means that, not only will you have a tour guide if you ever happen to be in a newfound friend’s city, you’ll also make valuable business connections in our increasingly global economy.

5. Friends feed the soul

A little oestrogen-filled conversation is always good for the soul. There’s something empowering and therapeutic about ladies-only trips.

Not only is there no shortage of laughter and inside jokes, they also offer quality time to exchange stories, goals and challenges with the leading ladies in your life.

6. Travel can become a business

Travel has also offered an opportunity for countless female travel bloggers to turn their passion for travel into a lucrative business, as they share their experiences, tips and seasoned insights with fellow travel-loving followers.
Kristin Addis, on the job    Photo ©BeMyTravelMuse
Like Kristin Addis, who quit her job in finance to become a full-time solo female traveller and now blogs from Be My Travel Muse. Blogs like hers are a powerful platform for women’s voice to be heard.

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