September 26, 2017

And the winner of the Big Avis Braai-Off is...

From starting the fire with perfume, alcohol and compressors, to braaing in bathrooms and on top of rubbish bins, our Facebook fans sure know how to blitz a boerie anywhere, any time! We had masses of entries for the Big Avis Braai-Off, but there can be only one winner… Congrats to Jamii Hamlin, who wins a R3,500 braai hamper from our travel partner Avis for sharing this fynbos and fish braai story:

Jamii Hamlin Francois Pistorius gives me a call saying that everyday he drives over Red Hill and having looked across False Bay countless time decided today was the day he wanted to dive at Hangklip.

So he picks me up and we drive along the Clarence Drive soaking in the magnificent scenery whilst catching up.

We turnoff at Pringle Bay and find our way over to Maanskyn Baai where the lighthouse is and spear a few Blacktails.

We gut, scale and rinse them in the ocean and rustle up a little fynbos fire made from the dry undergrowth kinderling.

Using a badly dented skillet with no ingredients or basting we simple grill the fish until the skin frees from the pan only slightly charred but heavenly fresh with a smokiness flavour than was 5 star despite being humble. #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

It was a tough job choosing a winner with all the great entries. Here are some of our favourite runner-ups:

Debbie Gray The most daring place I ever had a braai at was on a holiday to Zimbabwe.
We had done a canoe adventure down the Zambezi river towards the falls with crocs and hippos all around and then we braaied along the banks of the river in the park where all the big 5 roamed. It was such an incredible moment unfortunately no pics but I'll always have the memory in my head. #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Kaish Ramdaw The weirdest place I have braaied is on my front yard stairs in extreme weather conditions, torch on my head, cold dark winters night. A picture speaks a thousand words
#AvisBraaiOff #Nationalbraaiday

Michelle van Rooyen 
At home, tried to start the braai but the charcoal was just not lighting, My hubby decides to pull out our compressor and in 2 ticks we had a awesome braai going? #AvisbraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Bongiwe Mavimbela The braai stand was a looooooooot short and we had to implement and a rubbish bin was the hero of the day we braai'd on top of the waste bin #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Jacquie Bate
 When I was 6, my "boyfriend" (11 yrs) used to shoot birds with a catapult, then I would clean them and we'd make a tiny braai in the bush area behind our house. The birds were so tiny with hardly any meat, so he would "borrow" viennas from his mom's freezer to supplement our meal.
No photo unfortunately, it was too long ago...
#GrowingUpInKomatipoort  #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Seshnie Govender The one of the most daring braais for me was organizing a secret braai at my old work place...we thought the boss wasn’t coming in..and in an hour had to braai and eat and clean up... what was suppose to be just a wors braai ladies had to have our tjops as well... we were so nervous but many hands and two braai stands we manage to enjoy our secret braai... and gosh the boss came in 15 min after braai was one got fired by the dragon boss pun intended  #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Lesica Roux Scooping small fish with my mosquito net, helped by some local island children off the west coast of Madagascar. They helped clean and then sosatie the little fish, dressed with lime juice and chilli! What a beautiful morning spent with smiling faces.

Amanda Bengtson We were in Oudtshoorn on holiday. Our accommodation was 6km from the Cango Caves so it was in the middle of no where. We decided to have a braai, we went into town got all the braai goodies except fire starters. We get back only to figure out we forgot the starts. So we thought ok we can get sum twigs. Ja, the ground was wet. My sis and I decide to get sum twigs and use the hair dryer to blow them dry. Well it worked after dunking the twigs in sum alcohol. Got our fire going lekker. It was really funny #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Denise Naidoo 
We were at the beach & we forgot our Firelighters. It was windy & the coal wasn't lighting so Jono Nair my partner decided to use our paper plates to get the coal hot & ready. He set the coal on top of some paper plates &also he placed some paper plates on top off the coal & lit it, it was dying off & the coal was not even hot. He then decided to use my niece’s perfume. Although it was dangerous it got the job done. The braai was on & the amazing part was that the coal was still going strong long after we finish braai & eat the braaied meat & sausages. Now I never forget my Firelighters. It's no surprise coz Jono Nair can make a braai or fire even out if dried tree barks. Simply the best in making something out of nothing #NationalBraaiDay #AvisBraaiOff

Monique Leendertz-Lang Dare I say my 13 yr old braai started this fire on the night of the biggest storm Cape Town has ever seen. #AvisBraaiOff#NationalBraaiDay #Proud

Moira de Swardt In a bathroom in Beaufort West one cold and rainy night. That's very weird, right? This was before photos were taken of everything. Back in the eighties, in fact. #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay. 

Yvette Kearns In 2004, in snow when still lived in Staten Island, NY. Before taking pics became a thing. #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Chantel Behr  We absolutely love braai's, anyplace anything on fire #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Kurt Richards I can braai anywhere , anytime , I was born to braai , it is in my blood. Whether it is a Monday or Sunday – I braai for any reason.  I remember this day my dad and I went on a fishing trip for the weekend , we were camping on the beach and we needed to eat and all we had was our Boerewors - We managed to start a small fire as you can see and we braaied on the beach and on the sand – after the lekker boerewors , we braaeid again some lekker fish that we later caught??? #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Gary Laight We had a braai next to Hermanus Lagoon for New Years & it was epic... We live on the KZN South Coast so it was a long way from home! #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Refilwe Fifi It was a cold, misty day that didn't stop us from having a lekker braai day. We’ve planned for even put out sunny outfits, we forgot that the weather can just change on us. In spite of the bad weather we had lots of fun that day n the meat was Greeeeeeeeeat?? #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Tobias Boora It was on Christmas day when we decided to have a braai with family .we woke up early morning and our dad gave us a live sheep to feast. The boys collected it from their kraal but he broke loose when we wanted to slaughter it. We went after it for about 7 km and we ended up giving up and let the free animal go. We postponed the party for the next day and we ended up buying meat from town. The sheep never came back and its life was saved #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay

Kurt Richards This was last year on Heritage day , unfortunately my buddies and I all had to work on that day but it did not stop us from celebrating and uniting around the fire. We found a spot in this open place , and as you can see , this very terrible braai area but we managed to make it work. We didn’t have the pap and chutney or the different salads and rolls , all we had was this meat and bread that we bought BUT we had a lekker time together . #AvisBraaiOff #NationalBraaiDay


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